Multi-Media Brand
The Flypost Archive is a collaborative project between myself, Gwen Owen, Lotty Bagley and Ifigeneia Osagiede. 
The archive started a university project in which the group concluded that there was a need for an apolitical archiving of political fly-posting, due to its important, but often unnoticed role in our urban environment and wider political culture. 
This project developed into a professional standard multi-media brand that includes; a brand identity, website, phone app, social media and publications, as well as merchandise, such as; stickers, posters, t-shirts and hoodies. This project then culminated in the form of a presentation of the work that featured 'live' demonstrations of the functionality of the outcomes.
This project was not only another pivotal step in my growth as a politically focused communicator, but it was also an excellent exercise in my development as a designer who can work alongside the vision and expectations of my equals to produce a standard of work that the entire team could be proud of.