Brand Identity
For 'Forged Body Fitness,' a new personal fitness brand, I developed a brand design identity. Collaborating closely with the client, we aimed for visual identity that reflected a smart business with recognisable look, one inspiration for the client was gym shark due to the heavy use of the brands icon.
Despite the fast turnaround, I ensured the client's feedback shaped the process, delivering the branding they envisioned. This resulted in three logo variations, a pictorial mark, combination mark and emblem logo that utilise light metallic colouring, san-serif typography and a highlighting of the brands pectoral mark.
Due to the nature of the personal fitness industry and the aspirations of my client, I ensured that this brand would thrive in both digital and real world situations, primarily on social media and on merchandise in a gym. This ideology can be seen on the merchandise images of the branding, where I personally believe it shines the most.